The G.O.S.H.Girl ‘RRRIOT collection’ is inspired by women throughout history who have stood out from the crowd and pushed the boundaries of expression through their clothing. Inspired by the energetic and colourful mindsets of flapper girls of the 20s and riot grrrls of the 90s, the collection is grounded in the ethos of the G.O.S.H.Girl brand: Gutsy, Original, Sustainable, Honest. The collection is made from reclaimed plastic waste and seconds fabric that would have ended up in landfill.

Before attending USW, Amy Smith had already worked on her own brand and began growing a following through focusing on festival fashion. With a keen eye for styling, and an emphasis on colour, her work always has the focus on expressing yourself through the way you dress.

Instagram: @G.O.S.H.GIRL

BA (Hons) Fashion Design