Elise Burgess

Fashion & Digital Marketer

A marketing graduate with an intent to become a professional marketer within the Fashion industry. Elise is known for strong creativity within digital marketing and digital content creating which are all completed to a professional standard. She has a skillset in applying new and innovative market research to each task given to her as well as the core principles and theories of marketing and brand strategies. Elise is looking to obtain a job in Fashion and Digital Marketing or Brand Marketing.

GFW Marketing Award| Pixi X Sleeper = One of Elise’s recent projects inspired by the Coronavirus Pandemic. A self-care subscription package, combining comfort and chic attire into one. Bringing the pyjama trend to the most sophisticated version, making it the ideal option for evening looks, away from home. Providing you with comfort, convenience and the consumers need for safety and protection, to ensure luxury time out and making you feel at home in any environment.