Georgia Rose

Marketing & Management

As a marketing graduate, Georgia’s skill set and experience within the industry can provide fresh, resourceful and professional service to the workplace. She is able to apply her creative responses and knowledge to marketing situations, that she strongly believes in.

She is very drawn to enhancement of businesses through her marketing techniques, specialising in customer attraction. Her degree has enhanced her employability prospects profoundly, preparing her greatly for future work as a marketer. She is well versed in responding to briefs in an original and independent manner, expanding knowledge of marketing and business management, that encourages her time management and problem-solving skill set.

A very able marketer, who has begun to reveal her potential in all possibilities. Her work is both enthusiastic and well-motivated. Her work demonstrates a capacity for shaping and focusing on projects that reflect her maturing personality and growing skill set, which will guide her through the industry where she hopes to specialise in marketing strategies and business development.