My graduate collection, RATILJÓST, an Icelandic phrase meaning “enough light to navigate”, is a unisex collection which mixes an urban and functional aesthetic with a longing to reconnect with an undisturbed natural landscape.

Fashion graphics, branding and print design are my great passion and what I would like to pursue within my career as a designer. Throughout my studies, I’ve had the opportunity to be involved in a range of industry promotional shoots. For example, my designs have been worn by musical artist, Alicai Harley, to the official album launch of Swizz Beatz. My collection was also selected to be involved in the official GFW19 ‘Talent of Tomorrow’ photoshoot. I have just been hired for my first freelance design project where I will be designing and creating clothing for a new brand called ‘Nuqii’.

Instagram: @___k_a_s


BA (Hons) Fashion Design