Megan Carter


I am an aspiring fashion designer that loves problem solving and finding ways to be more sustainable, especially in fashion. My goals are to become a designer for a high-end couture brand that I can grow in and then possibly starting my own high-end business. I look forward to the future and the hurdles that I will overcame as I grow in the designing industry.

My strengths are designing, illustrations and pattern cutting.


My concept aims to create a mood of nostalgia for a sweet and innocent past. The starting point of my concept was looking at my family history of ‘H. Jenkins and Sons’, also known as ‘Jenkins Skewen Sweets’, which was a confectionery wholesaler business from the early 1920s too late 1950s. This Primary research has guided me to use sweets as inspiration in my branding and based on sweet femininity. My exploration in sweets has led me to visiting different old-fashioned sweets shops exploring the colours, textures and motifs of the sea-side sweetshop.

I am using circles as a key visual element, referencing the hard-boiled sweets which have been a big part in my design process. I experimented with different textures for the fabrics I chose for my collection that remind me of Pic n Mix sweets, the 1930s and sweet wrappers.

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