Nikola is a polish creative strongly influenced by both her cultural roots, but also the spirit of internationality. Deeply fascinated by the aesthetics of past decades of her homeland’s story, Nikola is constantly looking for the future in the past.

Her passion for creative and art direction has truly bloomed throughout her university journey, where she could find out what a combination of creative freedom and control tastes like (Fashion Director for ‘Platfform Magazine’ 2018; Founder / Creative Director for an independent publication ‘Obywatel’ – ‘Citizen’). Her creativity and insatiable hunger of pushing it further make her a successful story-teller.

She has also been a person responsible for casting of both professionals (models, photographers etc.), but also spaces and shooting plans.

What makes Nikola special is her fresh approach to editorial, kept in balance with her post-communal eastern-European and cosmopolitan inspirations.

Instagram: @furmanikola

BA (Hons) Fashion Promotion