Nora Stjärnquist

Fashion Director – colours, pattern cutting and digital work

My collection, Synlig, looked at architecture as the main inspiration. Looking both at more historic buildings and modern looking buildings. Beside architecture, I brought inspiration from mental illness and poems, especially from the Swedish author Karin Boye. The garments were supposed to, have some of my own poems stamped on them in places specifically for the wearer. Having a lot of experience of mental illness, I wanted to use situations etc that have to do with mental illness as subtle symbolism in the design and names. Every garment has a story and a message.

My name is Nora Stjärnquist, I am currently a final year Fashion Design student at University of South Wales. I am from Helsingborg, Sweden, and moved to Cardiff to study.

My main criteria when designing is to create a story. Besides fashion design, I like photography and writing.