Rebekah Hoare

E-commerce and Aspiring Entrepreneur

As Rebekah begins to end her 3 years at university, she now feels ready to test the skills and techniques she has developed in the classroom, by applying herself in a professional setting. Working within an e-commerce role is the next natural step for Rebekah towards pursuing a career within the fashion industry after university.

Rebekah is particularly interested in the social media and brand development aspect of the fashion industry, and the power that well-promoted products have on a brand, attitudes towards a brand, and consumer decisions. For Rebekah’s final major project she decided to make her own clothing brand.

This project, as well as her three years in university, has made her confident in using Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Animate. Rebekah loved creating this project and it inspired her to carry on with the brand and it made her want to dive into the deep end of the fashion world.

Instagram: @lucid.livery / @bec_hoare
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