Tia Noris

Social Media Marketing & Content Creator

Finishing her final year at University, Tia is ready to start pursuing a career in social media marketing and content creation. She has always had a passion for all things digital and now finishing her studies means she can focus on securing her dream job, Tia has developed invaluable amounts of knowledge that she can use to stand out when stepping into the world of work. Tia is most interested in the content creation side of things and really enjoys seeing perfectly planned imagery coming to life on a screen and how it makes the consumer feel. Tia’s final major project was something she will never forget doing, she produced a Unisex fashion magazine that focused on all thing’s real life. This was extremely meaningful to Tia and was a huge achievement. Throughout her final year at university Tia became more confident using Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. She also met some great people on the way that helped her finish her studies and made her feel welcome.



Instagram: @Polygraph_magazine & @tia.leoni