Tomas Ptak

Tomasz Ptak, is a graduate of Fashion Promotion at the University of South Wales. Before education at the university, he gained experience in the fashion industry as a visual merchandiser, and as an owner of a concept store with Polish independent fashion brands. While living in Poland, Tomek completed two years of fashion design, which helped him to develop strong manual skills. Moving to Cardiff and continuing his education helped him to gain the needed knowledge and allowed him to develop his interests and career. Through the experiences he has gained over the past 3 years he has further developed his aesthetic and creative presence. Tomek always tries to stay true with his vision in every project and is not afraid to take bold and ambitious challenges. He enjoys styling, directing photoshoots, designing window displays, and retail spaces. Thanks to great manual skills, he is able to execute many challenging projects. Combining the knowledge, skills, and experience gained in the last few years, it is time for him to start a professional career in the fashion industry and introduce his business idea to the local market.